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Coal & Top hats

There's no offside here, no rucks, no nets…
Just maces and broken bones, blades and rivers of blood, pointy spikes and fractured skulls.
And tentacles.
There's victory and there’s defeat. There's glory and there’s shame.
There are squatters, and mines, and forges, and markets.
There are Teams, and sedition, and Chiefs, and schemes, and Lords.
There is YOU.

This Game does not hate you

Enjoy this management game as an elegant goblin would do, while savouring the quietness of the Edwardian era’s life:
  • Check your Team just twice a week and everything will be fine.
  • No need to set up alarms at 3am in the night: Ork Manager does not work like that.
  • You have full control over what to do: there’s no artificial clumsy barrier, preventing you from doing stuff.
  • A server to rule them all: if someone is playing here, you can play with them. There’s no fragmentation, and no resets. One single persistent world. As it should be.
If you are interested about the design choices, you may find more details in the devlog.

The day of the Brawl

In Coalington life flows as usual, with its joys and turmoils, its secrets and its murmurs. Several things are commonplace, whilst others are mutable.
But above all there's one certainty: Friday is the day of the Brawl!
From all over the city, crowds of supporters rush to the Arenas to cheer their Team of gentlemonsters, for the clash is harsh, and sometimes it’s grievous.
It's not the soccer ball that they kick, it's the opponent's head.
It's not the bat they swing, it's a Lucky stick.
It's not how many ties you score, it's how many rivals you strike down.

Your chore is to make all of this possible, since you are a Brawler Master!
Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats
Some impromptu urban brawl


Devlog – Read our development log on! logo Mostly focused on the present, past and future game design.
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Orkish News

Good evening, spooky wombats! 🦊

The night of the scary stuff is here, and what fits better than a Dark Ritual? 🎃 You'll be glad to know it now has a dynamic price! It decreases by a tiny amount every day, but every time anyone performs it, it increases slightly! 😱

This change has been introduced to bring the prices of the rituals to reasonable values: if the price of a level 1 or level 3 ritual is considered too high, nobody does it… this will now mean that it will decrease slightly until finally someone decides the price is fair 👌 more details in a future devlog (but feel free to ask) 🧐

After the introduction of the radargraphs displaying the Team's attributes, now we have another terribly nice feature: the Brawler pages! 😎

It is now possible to click on Brawler's names and see their personal pages, with a complete history of the seasons they played, how they performed, when they were sold or loaned and for what amount… and who are their siblings! Yes, because now some Brawlers have siblings! 😍 (this has no effect on gameplay, it's just cosmetic for now)

There's also a couple of small news concerning the Conference structure:

1 • The way activity is calculated has changed from Season 6: now missing the lineup gives you 2 inactivity points, missing the tactics gives you 3, and missing both gives you 6. Earlier it was respectively 1, 3, and 4. 😪

This means that missing both on a single match is now considered worse than missing one in one match and one in another match. Also, there is less imbalance between lineups and tactics 🤸‍♀️

2 • We have introduced the terms "uprank" and "downrank", which are more accurate than "promotion" and "relegation". This is strictly related to how the ranking system works, and I won't go into details here… just keep in mind that a "minor uprank" doesn't necessarily mean you get promoted, and same goes for the "minor downrank" 🤓

Finally, it is now possible to read the old news from Ork Manager's site itself, which might be nice if you are curious about how this game evolved over the months… 📝

Here's a quick code which won't turn you into a pumpkin! 8681‑0937‑8210

2019‑10‑31 22:26
Arena: Evil Mouflon vs. Macaquiño

Do you need help?

  • Have a look at the Guide
  • In the top-right corner you should always find some tips, pointing you towards what you may wish (or need) to do next. This is especially true for setting up your first Team.
  • 📖 the text just before this icon contains a tooltip which you can view moving your mouse cursor on top of it (or clicking it), just like that.
  • You may ask for help on the bug tracker, or via email.

Alpha 2.4

This game is currently in alpha state.

Most of the features haven't been implemented yet. If you are trying to do something and can't find a way, chances are it can't be done yet.

Nothing will be reset at the end of the testing phase: what you do is already part of the real game, you are creating its early history! That being said, we still reserve the right to make some adjustments, in case we think they are needed.

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