Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats


Auction format

  • When you bid, you should enter the maximum price you are willing to pay for that Brawler, no more and no less.
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Brawler auctions
Brawler Race Level st to he sp ag al Sum InjTot Injured pl kf kfp ka kap f/a Winning user Current bid End date
Civitale pitenoEvil Mouflons0141016141313800310.3310.331.00No bids 1 ⦿ 2019-02-25 11:00 Europe/London


Eggs can be used to create new Brawlers, with a name and primary attributes of your chosing. An Egg appears in the auction house soon after anyone creates a new Brawler using a ritual.
Egg auctions
District Race Level Winning user Current bid End date
Goblin Slums Orcs1Lohoris 6'001 2019-02-23 12:05 Europe/London
Goblin Slums Goblins1Norillo 5'000 2019-02-23 12:05 Europe/London

Pending eggs

These eggs have spawned when someone performed a ritual.
They will be automatically put to auction at about 2019-02-23 12:00 Europe/London.
Said auction will last 7 days.
Pending eggs
Race Level Spawned on Currency Ritual
Clockwork Otters12019-02-22 22:18Ivory
Orcs12019-02-22 22:20⦿Ivory
Orcs12019-02-22 22:21⦿Ivory
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