Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats


Screaming Saltire, season 2

This trophy is so loud that has to be kept under a double-glazed glass at all times.
Status Running
Season cost Chose one of the following:
1'000 1'000 ⦿
500 500 500 ⦿
Season ticket 1
Current cost Chose one of the following:
100 100 ⦿
50 50 50 ⦿
Season ticket 1
Teams per group 10
Signed Teams 30
Signed Users 18
Lineup time Tuesday, 14:00:00
Tactics time Friday, 18:00:00
Match time Friday, 19:00:00


Season Top Teams
Champion Runners-up
2 Current
1 🏆 Flying sickles
0 🏆 O'Brawlers
Hall of Fame
Team 🏆 🥈 🥉 Tot.
🥈 O'Brawlers 1 1 0 2
🏆 Flying sickles 1 0 0 1
🥉 Fantabosco 0 1 1 2
The pythosphorys 0 0 1 1


2nd season, Leagues
Division Groups
I α
II α
Team User Rank League Status
🏆 Flying sicklesBitJockey1IαIn
🥈 O'Brawlersmb2IαIn
🥉 FantaboscoAlderico3IαIn
Sempre UltimiBlackriv3r4IαIn
Angry KiltsLohoris5IαIn
Rusty LullabiesForkO6IαIn
The pythosphorysSerenity9117IαIn
Peli Pateticidreadnaut8IαIn
Cthulhiner Swing Orchestratankboy9IαIn
Atletico Tomèdratankboy10IαIn
I Crosti 20braindamage11IIαIn
Deportivo OrchescoMiroslav12IIαIn
My Little Brawlersmb13IIαIn
Dilettanti Allo SParagliBitJockey15IIαIn
Cinghiali PaffutiNorillo16IIαIn
Gli Amici del FantaboscoAlderico17IIαIn
Hungry SporransLohoris18IIαIn
Orcs on BarrelsSerenity91120IIαIn
Cinghiati PelosiNorillo21F.In
Tappi PittiCuthred22F.In
Juventude FerroviariaCAbRaLzinhO_Auge23F.In
Lard BardsdreadnautF.In
Goblin State WarriorsMiroslavF.In
Los PanchinarostankboyF.In
Flamin GartersLohorisF.In
Berny from hellbernyF.In
The WarriorsSheriffOfNottmF.In

Conference & Leagues

Teams need to sign into a Conference in order to partake in the Brawl.
Once they do, they'll be added to the Conference Feeder, a special League designed to accomodate new Teams at any time.
From there, at the end of the Season, they can be promoted to better Leagues… until they manage to reach the top and compete for the Trophy.

Sign-up cost

Some Conferences are free, while others have a sign-up cost.
This cost has to be payed for every Team you want to sign, at every season of the Conference.
As soon as you sign up the sum will be locked, and it will be paid as soon as the Conference starts.

Pro Conference

This is the real thing.
This is where the full game, as it's intended to be, actually happens.

There's a sign-up cost to be paid every season in , which you can acquire through our store or resellers.

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