Grass of Water, season 0
🌱💧 It looked like a good idea…

Champions & Leagues


Season Top Teams Users Teams Dates
Champion Runners-up
Started Ended
Hall of Fame
Team 🏆 🥈 🥉 Tot.

Settings & Sign-In

Status New
Season cost Free
Current cost Free
Teams per group 8
Lineup time Tuesday, 14:00:00
Tactics time Friday, 18:00:00
Match time Friday, 19:00:00


Team User u.r. Rank League Status


Conference & Leagues

Teams need to sign into a Conference in order to partake in the Brawl.
Once they do, they'll be added to the Conference Feeder, a special League designed to accomodate new Teams at any time.
From there, at the end of the Season, they can be promoted to better Leagues… until they manage to reach the top and compete for the Trophy.

Sign-up cost

Some Conferences are free, while others have a sign-up cost.
This cost has to be payed for every Team you want to sign, at every season of the Conference.
As soon as you sign up the sum will be locked, and it will be paid as soon as the Conference starts.

Trial Conference

This only contains a very small subset of the game, granting only a nominal amount of ticket gold, supporters, and Brawler experience.

You may play here for free, but keep in mind that it's meant to be just used as a trial, allowing you to decide whether you want to sign-up to the Pro Conference or not. You can keep playing here anyway, just be warned that it might not be as satisfying and complete.