Ork Manager – Game Rules

These Game Rules for Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats complement the Terms and Conditions that you have received and accepted along these Game Rules.

You may find them at the following link (

§R1. Bugs, Cheating

Normally, if the game allows you explicitly to do something, you are allowed to do it.

There are exceptions, though:

  • §R1.1 It is prohibited to exploit bugs.
    • §R1.1.1 If you are unsure if something is a bug or an intended feature, you should ask (see also Clause §R2).
    • §R1.1.2 Claiming you didn't realise something was a bug is not an excuse.
  • §R1.2 It is prohibited to cheat, or to exploit any kind of security hole. See also Clause §17 of the Terms and Conditions.
    • §R1.2.1 It is prohibited to distribute cheats of any kind.
  • §R1.3 It is prohibited to register, own and/or use more than one account. See also Clause §4 of the Terms and Conditions.
  • §R1.4 It is prohibited to stress and/or mis-use any email-generating feature.
  • §R1.5 If you find a bug, exploit, security hole or any similar problem, report it as soon as possible, and you could be rewarded (see Clause §R3).
    • §R1.5.1 If you unintentionally exploit a bug, if you report it promptly it is likely that you will not suffer any punishment for that.

§R2. Help

This Game is beautifully complex.
Although there are some sources of help within the game, they are to be intended as general guidelines.

§R2.1. Help boxes

Browsing the Game, you should find several help boxes.
While we try to keep them up-to-date and as accurate as possible, they may be neither.

§R2.2. Staff

Occasionally the Staff may or may not try to help you.
While they will always try their best to be of service, you accept that any advice is meant to be used as a guideline and it needs to be adapted to your own strategy and situation.

§R2.3. Public chats

There may be some public chats or similar venues were Users may discuss the Game.

  • §R2.3.1 These chats are not hosted by us, and while we will attempt to moderate them, they are not under our full control. Refer to the host's terms of services.
  • §R2.3.2 Regarding posts by Staff members, see Clause §R2.2.
  • §R2.3.3 Regarding posts by other Users, these only represent their personal opinion, and may be inaccurate or even intentionally wrong or misleading. These are their own responsability (see also Clause §R5).
  • §R2.3.4 Your posts will be your sole responsability.

§R3. Rewards

There is a Virtual Currency called Liquid Gold (LG).

  • §R3.1 Users may be awarded by Admins any amount of LG when they:
    • §R3.1.1 Report a previously unknown bug, and that bug gets fixed.
    • §R3.1.2 Suggest a previously unplanned feature, and that feature gets implemented.
    • §R3.1.3 Do useful community service, such as, but not limited to, correctly answering other Users in public chats (see §R2.3).
  • §R3.2 The Admins have the final say regarding whether to award LG, and how many.

§R4. Employees and Shareholders

Our Employees and Shareholders are allowed to play.

§R5. Relations between Users

Users may interact with each other during the normal course of the Game.

  • §R5.1 If some Users interact with each other through other means (including, but not limited to, public chats §R2.3), that interaction is not considered part of the Game at all.
  • §R5.2 Any sort of promise, pact, accord or similar agreement between Users is never considered binding. Only what happens in the Game itself matters.
    • §R5.2.1 This means that if someone asks you to do or not to do something in exchange for something else, and then he or she does not honor said agreement, you have no recourse. He or she is not in breach of any of our Terms or Rules due to this reason (although he or she might be in breach for other reasons).
    • §R5.2.2 Keep in mind that this does include trades of any kind.
  • §R5.3 Threatening someone with consequences that go beyond the Game itself is a major violation and we reserve the right to take any appropriate action, including involving law inforcement authorities. This does not imply we will not take such actions in response to other events.
    • §R5.3.1 Threatening someone with fully in-game consequences is acceptable, as long as there it not a shed of doubt regarding the scope of this threat (see §R5.3).
  • §R5.4 Misleadingly impersonating any person or otherwise misrepresenting your identity or affiliation in a way that is calculated to deceive is strictly prohibited.

Always remember this is a brutal game: you should always expect other Users to double-cross and betray you, and to crush you whenever they have the occasion to do so.

§R6. Punishments

If a User breaches any of these Game Rules and/or any of the Terms and Conditions, we may take actions we deem appropriate, as also mentioned in Clause §12.3 of the Terms and Conditions.

  • §R6.1 These actions include, but are not limited to:

    • §R6.1.1 Terminating the account.
    • §R6.1.2 Suspending indefinitely, or for a limited time, the account.
    • §R6.1.3 Fining the User any amount of Gold, in any of the Game's Virtual Currencies.
      • §R6.1.3.1 This may cause the User to have a negative balance, which in turn may have other negative in-game consequences (as detailed in sub-Clause §R6.2).
      • §R6.1.3.2 You will be fined in DG only for breaches somehow related to DG themselves.
    • §R6.1.4 Penalise any of User's Teams with any amount of points, and/or loss of rank.
    • §R6.1.5 Remove or dispossess the User of any item, Brawler, or Game possession.
  • §R6.2 Having a negative balance in any Virtual Currency may have effects such as, but not limited to, the following:

    • §R6.2.1 Being unable to pay for anything or for some things, even using other currencies.
    • §R6.2.2 Being prevented from creating Auctions in some currencies, or at all.
    • §R6.2.3 Being prevented from trading certain currencies in the Market.
    • §R6.2.4 Having some or all of User's possessions (including, but not limited to, Brawlers) put to auction.
    • §R6.2.5 If the negative balance is in DG, your account will likely be suspended (see also §R6.1.2 and §R6.1.3.2).

§R7. Secrecy

Some information about your Game possessions, or strategy, or anything else game-related, is hidden from the other Users. Some other is not.

  • §R7.1 Currently hidden things are:
    • §R7.1.1 Your Lineup will be hidden before the Lineup deadline, and your Tactics will be hidden before the Tactics deadline.
    • §R7.1.2 The amount of DG you own is hidden.
    • §R7.1.3 The amount of gold you have locked is hidden (only the total amount might be shown to other users).
  • §R7.2 (renamed to §R7.1.2)
  • §R7.3 What isn't hidden is to be considered public, accessible to everyone, including unregistered people.
  • §R7.4 You should assume that anything that is not explicitly mentioned as hidden in Clause §R7.1, even if it currently is, may suddenly become public without notice, and vice-versa.
  • §R7.5 Due to alterations in Game Design, things that were secret before may become public, and vice-versa.
  • §R7.6 Nothing is to be considered hidden from the Game Staff. If any Clause or sub-Clause claims something is hidden (or secret), that always means "hidden from other Users, but not necessarily from Staff".

Please notice that this Clause is concerning the Game itself, not your personal data. For any clarification regarding your personal data, see the Privacy policy you have received and accepted along with these Game Rules and Terms and Conditions.

§R8. Inactivity

Accounts will never be terminated due to inactivity, unless they were never active in the first place.

However there may be other consequences including, but not limited to:

  • §R8.1 At the end of a season, a Team with a low activity will be considered to be an "idler", and will be suspended from the Conference, stripped of its rank.
    • §R8.1.1 Idlers may sign-up again normally, but will have to start from the bottom, as if they were newly signed.
  • §R8.2 A Team that willingly signs-out from a Conference will initially keep its rank, but said rank might decrease over time.
  • §R8.3 Brawlers unused for too long might:
    • §R8.3.1 have their attributes decreased;
    • §R8.3.2 be forcibly auctioned.
  • §R8.4 Offers in the Market may be canceled.
  • §R8.5 Eventual expenses may cause your Gold balances to go negative (see §R6.2).