Press kit

Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats

Press kit

Developer Goblinsama Ltd.
Early access date 2018-07-27
Social media
Lorenzo Petrone "Lohoris" Production, game design, development
Silvia Simonassi Project management, logo
Alfredo Goffredi HR & PR
Silvia Ballardini Art

Game description

Set in a fantastic Edwardian Britain, Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats is an online management game about arenas, broken bones and politics. You, a noble Brawler Master, will manage your team(s) of gentlemonsters for the weekly Brawl. The winner takes all, while for the loser there's only bandages and broken bones.

The Brawl is the core of the game, around which revolves the political side of the game: by climbing the ranks you get more supporters, which you can convert into brawlers, squatters and miners.

While brawlers will be employed in your team, squatters will be your force throughout the city (and, in time, throughout every portion of land, from smaller to bigger) to conquest arenas and get to the higher ranks of society.

Meanwhile, miners will extract from the local mines several resources, which can be used to design and create new weapons and armours, or can be traded for gold at the fungible market.

The core part of the game, the brawl, is entirely playable, including a market and auctions. The rest of the game will be developed after a Kickstarter campaign.

Key features

Original setting: fancy dressed and refined-mannered monsters in a fantastic Edwardian era atmosphere.

Long turns: one of the key values of this game is that we don’t want users to be stressed: there's no need to be always online, no need to react promptly to opponents' actions, nor to set alarms to do a specific move at a certain moment of the day or of the night.

User‑created content: most of the content of the game will be user‑created. Currently it’s the names of the brawlers and their teams, but soon we’ll have the weapons and armours, the districts and the cities, the mining companies, the provinces…

Catchy and easy game dynamics. Easy to learn, hard to master.

Flexible activity depth, organically growing with experience: pick only a handful of things to take into account or expand your scope.

Images and Logo

Logo • Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats
Logo • Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats.

An intense match, all 9 Brawlers still standing (more or less)
Arena: Evil Mouflon vs. Macaquiño

You could say that Coalingtonians live for the Brawl. The Brawl is a sport, both brutal and noble, where two teams of nine gentlemonsters each face themselves and beat them… not to death but to a near-death-experience.

The team that collects the highest amount of knocked out opponents, as you might have realized already, wins the match.

It’s in their essence, in their minds and in their very blood and bones (especially in their blood and bones, above all when they fight).

A macaquiño, on a roof, smoking, scowling

Mystery always pairs up with style.

A fine tailored shirt. Sometimes an exquisite crafted waistcoat. Accessories of any kind, contained in number but not in class.

Style will conceal their nature, wrap up their secrets, and distract yourself with its details while they trick you.

Hats! Hats are their favourite thing in the world, they say.

Hats for tricks, hats for wits and hats for beat you up. Don't try to trick the trickster: they'll know you're plotting the right moment you start to do it, and they'll surely overplot you, crossplot you and, in the end, circumplot you.

Rest assured it will be bad.

Macaquiños are dangerous fellows.

Some impromptu urban brawl

“History of the Brawl” according to Lord M’umbleton places its origins so far in the past that it seems to antedate civilization.

Several rumors want it to be born as a way to settle territorial quarrels.

We think we won’t ever know what’s the truth about it; the only certain thing is that, always according to Lord M’umbleton, the Brawl has been officially codified as a sport at the end of the modern age of Coalington.

Coalington panorama, including the Wombaloon

Coalington is a quiet city. Can't you smell apple pie while wandering through the streets?

I mean, between the orc sweat and the stench of piss of its darkest alleys.

Can't you hear its quietness unroll, dodging a thrown tankard and a snorting butterceros?

Its night mist conceals troubles and mysteries.