On your orks. Get slapped. Brawl!

A mini‑guide to Ork Manager

Welcome, young Brawler Master. Here's a few quick tips on how to start your brawling career!

Create your Team

First of all, you'll need a Team! Click HERE, or from the Home press on the button that says Create new Team. Name it, and then press Submit.

On every match you'll line up nine Brawlers. Create them (from your Team page), choosing their names, races, and a bonus attribute. Or just keep the defaults, they are perfectly fine!

Whenever you need more brawlers (likely because of injuries), you can create new ones; Dismiss or Move those you want to remove from the Team.

Sign the Team into a Conference

Last thing you need to do is sign your Team into a Conference. There's a big banner with a huge button just below your Team: pressing it you'll land to the Conference page (you might also access it from the menu on the top). Scroll until you find the Sign in/Free trial button.

You’ll be notified via email when your Team will play its first match and when to set the lineups and tactics.


Managing your Team might seem hard at the beginning, but you'll soon discover that it's not. You'll be required to do two things:

Set the Lineup

That is "choose who'll brawl in the upcoming match".

On your Team page you will find the SET LINEUP button. Pressing it will show you the table with all your Brawlers; you just need to tick those who want to pick for the match. When you're done press CONFIRM.

Remember: you are allowed to change your lineup until the lineup deadline has expired.

HINT: when in doubt, just pick the Brawlers with the highest Sum.

Set the Tactics

You'll required to set the Tactics after the lineup's deadline has expired.

It means instructing every Brawler on how to behave for that match.

Every instruction is composed of:

  • TACTIC and TARGET: whether to attack a specific Brawler (MARKING), the strongest one (DARING), or the weakest one (CRUELTY);
  • WEAPON and ARMOUR: the equipment you choose for your Brawler to hit, and to protect from opponents' attacks. Have a look HERE for more details;
When you're done press CONFIRM.

Remember: even for the tactics you are allowed to change them until the tactics deadline has expired.

TACTICS HINT 1: CRUELTY is definitely the easiest tactic to use. DARING is a bit trickier, but can still be quite useful when you get the gist of it (just avoid using DARING/SUM). MARKING is for expert Brawler Masters only: you’d better refrain from using it for now.

TACTICS HINT 2: Don’t spread your tactics too much, it’s better to focus on one or two targets at the time. This means that you’d better pick one or two tactics, and assign one to some of your Brawlers, and the other one to the others. This won't assure you a bloodbath, but might bring your Team to victory on several occasions.

Knock outs

Brawlers don’t have hit points (as in some RPGs), they just have Attributes (some higher and some lower, obviously). Whenever a Brawler gets wounded, one or more of their Attributes will be decreased for the duration of the match. If any attribute decreases to 0 or less, that Brawler is KO’d.


Take your time to become familiar both with the Attributes and with the Weapons and Armours; you’ll soon be able to refine your Tactics.


To help you orient yourself you can have a look at the following examples.
Show Examples

Activity and idling

The Brawl requires two steps every week, and a valiant Brawler Master knows better than skipping any. Sometimes it can happen to forget the Brawl’s deadlines, due to the concerns of life or some Cthuling timewarping trick. No one will die (someone might be injured, though) but this will reduce the Activity percentage of a Team.

Be careful! At the end of the Season, if a Team's Activity is less or equal than 55%, that Team will be removed from the Conference, with no rank nor reward. It will be able to sign in again whenever it wishes to come back, however it will have to start again from the Feeder.


Now you know everything you need to know to bring your Team in the Arena. May the spirits of Brawl always be in your favour!
Some impromptu urban brawl