Time Result Event
0'0 – 1"Every weapon is a throwing weapon if you throw it very hard". Another brilliant principle from Tai Wanoe, that sent Grant Mordicchio to the dreamland.
0'1 – 1Some warriors are so bold that they can fight with one arm only. Inna Uenda is not one of them: Alex DeLargest's blow terminated his elbow and his match.
0'1 – 2Kaboom! Bocciolo Smonetante's Lucky stick impacted Darth Wafer at the speed of light, homerunning his head (which will be found and reattached to his body… eventually).
0'1 – 3"Head or tail?" asked Tortellaino, flipping a coin. "Head!" replied Triplobudelloditumà, and that's where Tortellaino's Lucky stick hit. Good night!
1'1 – 4Andrea del Castagnaccio was beaten so much on his belly, that now he has a 5-pack. Good work Tortellaino!
1'2 – 4"You hit me in the chest?!?!" screamed Lasagna Amatricianer. "Yes" replied Pikkiatore Dellamafia quietly. "Uh, ok!" said Lasagna Amatricianer, while faiting.
3'2 – 5Keg Ov'lcol jumped with all his weight on Rutto Abbomba's head and guess what? He smashed it! Rutto Abbomba won't get well soon.
3'2 – 6The power of Theprobe Viger's Lucky stick is devastating: it somehow shakes Pikkiatore Dellamafia's internal organs without even scratching his armour!
5'2 – 7D F Walnut's always dreaming about travelling through the stars. Keg Ov'lcol striked so hard on D F Walnut's head that now his dreams came true.
5'3 – 7Lotsa Fur is afraid of dragons, and Alex DeLargest… is a dragon! Oh no, wait, Lotsa Fur's just hallucinating after being smacked with utter rage by Alex DeLargest. He takes a couple of steps and then blacks out.
7'3 – 8"Head or tail?" asked Keg Ov'lcol, flipping a coin. "Head!" replied Alex DeLargest, and that's where Keg Ov'lcol's Lucky stick hit. Good night!
7'3 – 9Tortellaino uses Clavicolo's blood to completely and precisely paint his Lucky stick, without spilling a single drop.

Lineups & Tactics

st to he sp ag al
st to he sp ag al
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# Home Team: Atletico Tomèdra Race Lvl Base attributes Tactic XP gained For Against
KO Attack Rebound KO Attack Rebound 🤕
sttohespagal tot wear Tactic Target Weapon Armour sttohespagal wear sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4 sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4
18TriplobudelloditumàGoblins119162930221713300DaringHealthLucky stickWet notebooks00000000000000001000010000011103000017
21ClavicoloClockwork Otters127252519241813800CrueltyAlertnessLucky stickWet notebooks0000100000000001120000001000001401000
22Andrea del CastagnaccioEvil Mouflons130183321192014100DaringHealthLucky stickWet notebooks0000000000000001000000000010001301000
28Grant MordicchioEvil Mouflons122133417242713700CrueltyAlertnessLucky stickWet notebooks0010000000000000000000000001000200000
32Darth WaferEvil Mouflons126133022202713800DaringHealthLucky stickLive tortoises00000000000000001001000000011101100012
33D F WalnutEvil Mouflons122192917242313400DaringHealthLucky stickWet notebooks0010000000000000210000000001002210001
39Alex DeLargestClockwork Otters122242420172613300CrueltyAlertnessLucky stickWet notebooks00100100100001102110000000011024000015
44Pikkiatore DellamafiaOrcs128181321181911700CrueltyAlertnessLucky stickLive tortoises0000000001000000210200010000121110001
45Rutto AbbombaOrcs124201921221812400CrueltyAlertnessLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000000000020000000001100110003
# Away Team: Peli Patetici Race Lvl Base attributes Tactic XP gained For Against
KO Attack Rebound KO Attack Rebound 🤕
sttohespagal tot wear Tactic Target Weapon Armour sttohespagal wear sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4 sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4
22Lotsa FurEvil Mouflons123164121182214100CrueltyToughnessLucky stickLive tortoises0041010000000001120200000001026201000
23Theprobe VigerDwarflings128253022211814400CrueltyToughnessLucky stickLive tortoises0000000001000010041000000000001000000
24Tai WanoeEvil Mouflons126164018222214400CrueltyToughnessLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000000100320000000000000000000
26Bocciolo SmonetanteWombats119182330173113800CrueltyToughnessLucky stickWet notebooks0000000000000111121000000000000001000
27Lasagna AmatricianerGoblins119163224221612900CrueltyToughnessLucky stickLive tortoises0030110000000001000000010000002401000
35TortellainoOrcs124231323201912200CrueltyToughnessLucky stickInflatable rock0000000000101110041000000000000000000
36Keg Ov'lcolEvil Mouflons126173318202914300CrueltyAlertnessLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000000320041000000000000000000
37Queen DoloresWombats122221926182212900CrueltyAlertnessLucky stickWet notebooks0001000000000000230000000000000000000
38Inna UendaButterceros116212626261913400CrueltyAlertnessLucky stickInflatable rock0000000000000001000000100000100110010

Spectators & Earnings

Some really excited supporters at a match
Race Atletico Tomèdra Peli Patetici
Occasional Supporters Total Occasional Supporters Total
Goblins 7 17 24 6 19 25
Orcs 12 32 44 11 21 32
Evil Mouflons 22 120 142 20 105 125
Dwarflings 12 51 63 10 66 76
Macaquiños 2 11 13 2 9 11
Cthulings 2 0 2 2 11 13
Wombats 4 6 10 3 39 42
Butterceros 3 0 3 2 20 22
Clockwork Otters 8 50 58 7 26 33
TOTAL 72 287 359 63 316 379
Atletico Tomèdra Peli Patetici
Tickets 1436 1516
Charity given -215 -227
Charity got 227 215
Net gains 1448 1504