Time Result Event
1'0 – 1Orchessa Orchidea pointed Grugno to the nearest physician, drawing him a map with his blood.
1'1 – 1Sir Barftolomew Belching is afraid of dragons, but Orchessa Orchidea isn't a dragon. And for a while, it won't even be a brawler anymore…
1'1 – 2"Every weapon is a throwing weapon if you throw it very hard". Another brilliant principle from Grifo Malvento I, that sent Mindfulness Training to the dreamland.
1'1 – 3Buttercock bought his Wet notebooks at a flea market. Bad idea: Re Quercia I's perfect-grade Lucky stick strikes him down mercilessly.
2'2 – 3While Re Quercia I was playing on his handheld for some reason, Luigino Di Mi-Go strikes him down, and manages to grab his device and beat his record too!
5'3 – 3"Waisted is when your waist is wasted. Funny right?" asked Sir Barftolomew Belching. "Haha! It's really funny" replied Vermio Malgozzo I, laying on the ground with a Lucky stick in his belly.
5'3 – 4Lady Belly Burpee was beaten so much on his belly, that now he has a 5-pack. Good work Strega Varana I!
5'3 – 5"Why bother hitting someone in the chest if you can smash his skull?" That's Genio Abu Zaza's philosophy and he loved to show it to Unbeaten Immortal, which is now completely unconscious.
5'3 – 6Teone il Capitone coughed a lot of blood on Genio Abu Ben Set's face, and then he fainted. Genio Abu Ben Set appreciated it. A lot.
6'4 – 6Stanley Donut trips Vermio Vilberto Fangoso, who splats on the floor, and while he's at it, he also steals his wallet!

Lineups & Tactics

st to he sp ag al
st to he sp ag al
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# Home Team: Los Panchinaros Race Lvl Base attributes Tactic XP gained For Against
KO Attack Rebound KO Attack Rebound 🤕
sttohespagal tot wear Tactic Target Weapon Armour sttohespagal wear sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4 sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4
13Mindfulness TrainingGoblins01514191720109500CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyWet notebooks0030000000000000200100000001013020000
20Unbeaten ImmortalEvil Mouflons021102416181510400CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyWet notebooks0010100000000000121100000001011210000
19Sir Barftolomew BelchingGoblins01312221917129500CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyWet notebooks0030000000002020311000000000002210000
17Stanley DonutEvil Mouflons01610231717169900CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyWet notebooks0010000000010000140000000000001000000
18Lady Belly BurpeeGoblins016112819251010900CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyWet notebooks0030000000000001210000000010004311000
26ButtercockEvil Mouflons124162619242012900CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyWet notebooks0020100000000001000000000001003111000
29GrugnoOrcs132191428191712900CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyWet notebooks0000100000000000100000001000002020000
30Luigino Di Mi-GoCthulings116222420172912800CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyWet notebooks0000000000010001220000000000000000010
33Teone il CapitoneCthulings118211920182512100CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyWet notebooks0000000000000001210000001000000010017
# Away Team: Gli Amici del Fantabosco Race Lvl Base attributes Tactic XP gained For Against
KO Attack Rebound KO Attack Rebound 🤕
sttohespagal tot wear Tactic Target Weapon Armour sttohespagal wear sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4 sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4
15Jolly CembaloClockwork Otters131241817171912600CrueltyAlertnessLucky stickWet notebooks0000000000000001112000000000001001000
16Vermio Vilberto FangosoEvil Mouflons130162517191812500DaringStrengthLucky stickLive tortoises0020000000000000112000000100002400000
17Genio Abu ZazaClockwork Otters126252013162312300CrueltyAlertnessLucky stickWet notebooks0010000000000100230000000000000000000
19Genio Abu Ben SetEvil Mouflons123132721182112300DaringStrengthLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000100001301000000000000001000
28Grifo Malvento IEvil Mouflons129132917222013000CrueltyAlertnessLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000000100311000000000000000000
22Vermio Malgozzo IEvil Mouflons127132517211812100DaringStrengthLucky stickLive tortoises00200000000000002101000000101152100010
23Re Quercia IDwarflings123262316191512200CrueltyAlertnessLucky stickLive tortoises1000000000000100101000000100001210000
24Orchessa OrchideaOrcs018151920181310300DaringStrengthLucky stickLive tortoises00110100001000000011020000101353000011
25Strega Varana IEvil Mouflons127132717211912400CrueltyAlertnessLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000001000311000000000000000000

Spectators & Earnings

Some really excited supporters at a match
Race Los Panchinaros Gli Amici del Fantabosco
Occasional Supporters Total Occasional Supporters Total
Goblins 7 17 24 6 9 15
Orcs 14 38 52 11 44 55
Evil Mouflons 25 54 79 19 50 69
Dwarflings 13 42 55 10 53 63
Macaquiños 3 2 5 2 17 19
Cthulings 3 23 26 2 0 2
Wombats 4 0 4 3 26 29
Butterceros 3 0 3 2 2 4
Clockwork Otters 9 47 56 7 42 49
TOTAL 81 223 304 62 243 305
Los Panchinaros Gli Amici del Fantabosco
Tickets 1216 1220
Charity given -182 -183
Charity got 183 182
Net gains 1217 1219