Time Result Event
0'1 – 0Do you recall when Orkmanager was able to run, jump, walk… well, Atanas Georgiev has put an end to that for a while.
0'1 – 1The power of Catarro Goloso's Lucky stick is devastating: it somehow shakes Atanas Georgiev's internal organs without even scratching his armour!
0'2 – 1Poison Ivy looks at Fazli Ganesh, and then falls flat on his ass for no reason. What a joke…
0'2 – 2Fazli Ganesh is afraid of dragons, and Riot Creator… is a dragon! Oh no, wait, Fazli Ganesh's just hallucinating after being smacked with utter rage by Riot Creator. He takes a couple of steps and then blacks out.
1'3 – 2Riot Creator was beaten so much on his belly, that now he has a 5-pack. Good work Leonson Lewis!
1'4 – 2Dessert Caduto was beaten so much on his belly, that now he has a 5-pack. Good work Vazgen Minasyan!
1'4 – 3"You hit me in the chest?!?!" screamed Sigurdur Ragnarsson. "Yes" replied Moglie Ubriaca quietly. "Uh, ok!" said Sigurdur Ragnarsson, while faiting.
3'4 – 4Vazgen Minasyan's body was his own temple. Piteco Albino really loves to desecrate temples. Do the math.
5'4 – 5Leonson Lewis hits Moglie Ubriaca and absolutely nothing happens. Moglie Ubriaca ponders a bit the fun situation, before reacting with righteous violence.
5'4 – 6Law Ignorer really loves his Lucky stick. But what he loves even more is finishing his opponent with a big fat head butt. Next time Shamim Bisoprololo'll better use a thicker helmet.
6'5 – 6Julen Guerrero stroke so hard Moglie Ubriaca's waist that he puked his dinner. And his liver. And a boot. And then he collapsed.
7'5 – 7Kenshiro Daniels's body was his own temple. Law Ignorer really loves to desecrate temples. Do the math.
7'5 – 8Piteco Albino is so skilful that manages to sever Joey Leonetti's head, than reattach it again to his body without killing him! Still, it will take a bit to heal…

Lineups & Tactics

st to he sp ag al
st to he sp ag al
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# Home Team: Juventude Ferroviaria Race Lvl Base attributes Tactic XP gained For Against
KO Attack Rebound KO Attack Rebound 🤕
sttohespagal tot wear Tactic Target Weapon Armour sttohespagal wear sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4 sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4
14Fazli GaneshEvil Mouflons130162919181813000CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises0010210000010010100001000001010200000
16Atanas GeorgievEvil Mouflons127163118192013100CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises00100000000100100100000100001012000011
17Vazgen MinasyanEvil Mouflons121183220201812900CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises0010100000001000030000010000102400000
18Shamim BisoprololoWombats120192827172313400CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises0000000000000001110000000001000201000
19Joey LeonettiEvil Mouflons123202719201812700CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises0010000000000001130000000001101010015
20Leonson LewisWombats120202225182212700CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises10000000000010011110000100001000000116
21Kenshiro DanielsEvil Mouflons122193522201913700CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises00300000000000012100000100001031110016
23Sigurdur RagnarssonEvil Mouflons122182819191812400CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises0000100000000000110000010000003210000
26Julen GuerreroEvil Mouflons227243324242415600CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises0000000000001000230000000000000000000
# Away Team: Dilettanti Allo SParagli Race Lvl Base attributes Tactic XP gained For Against
KO Attack Rebound KO Attack Rebound 🤕
sttohespagal tot wear Tactic Target Weapon Armour sttohespagal wear sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4 sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4
22FacsupacEvil Mouflons128203028212214900CrueltyToughnessLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000000000230000000000000000000
24OrkmanagerEvil Mouflons124203124201913800CrueltyToughnessLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000000000000000000100101300004
40Law IgnorerClockwork Otters129282425212114800CrueltyToughnessLucky stickWet notebooks1001000001000110032001000000010000000
27Poison IvyEvil Mouflons122183522202113800CrueltyToughnessLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000000001000000000100100000010
28Catarro GolosoEvil Mouflons122193522192414100CrueltyToughnessLucky stickLive tortoises0000000001000010320000000000000000000
29Moglie UbriacaClockwork Otters130252219202113700CrueltyToughnessLucky stickWet notebooks0121210002000010310201000010034400000
30Piteco AlbinoEvil Mouflons124203921212214700CrueltyToughnessLucky stickLive tortoises3000000001000120221000000000000000000
31Dessert CadutoEvil Mouflons126193519202114000CrueltyToughnessLucky stickLive tortoises0000010000000000010000000010002300000
40Riot CreatorClockwork Otters125262721201913800CrueltyToughnessLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000000100010000000010002410000

Spectators & Earnings

Some really excited supporters at a match
Race Juventude Ferroviaria Dilettanti Allo SParagli
Occasional Supporters Total Occasional Supporters Total
Goblins 6 36 42 11 4 15
Orcs 11 42 53 20 25 45
Evil Mouflons 20 119 139 38 143 181
Dwarflings 10 37 47 19 21 40
Macaquiños 2 0 2 4 37 41
Cthulings 2 18 20 4 0 4
Wombats 3 63 66 6 0 6
Butterceros 2 0 2 5 0 5
Clockwork Otters 7 10 17 13 74 87
TOTAL 63 325 388 120 304 424
Juventude Ferroviaria Dilettanti Allo SParagli
Tickets 1552 1696
Charity given -233 -254
Charity got 254 233
Net gains 1573 1675