Time Result Event
0'1 – 0Julen Guerrero is afraid of dragons, but Billy The Kid isn't a dragon. And for a while, it won't even be a brawler anymore…
0'2 – 0While Abazigal was playing on his handheld for some reason, Kenshiro Daniels strikes him down, and manages to grab his device and beat his record too!
0'3 – 0Little Pig lifted Tiau Nufa Anor by his feet and tied a knot with Tiau Nufa Anor's legs.
0'4 – 0Beating Happy is Acelin Gow Pallith's favourite hobby, and today he had his share of fun1.
1It's not really his hobby, but he really had fun.
0'4 – 1"Head or tail?" asked Pow wow, flipping a coin. "Head!" replied Fazli Ganesh, and that's where Pow wow's Pointy spikey hit. Good night!
1'4 – 2The power of Pow wow's Lucky stick is devastating: it somehow shakes Atanas Georgiev's internal organs without even scratching his armour!
3'5 – 2Shamim Bisoprololo trips Talpo Bamano, who splats on the floor, and while he's at it, he also steals his wallet!
3'6 – 2Baron Grug was beaten so much on his belly, that now he has a 5-pack. Good work Julen Guerrero!
3'6 – 3Call a doctor! Illasera's Pointy spikey is stuck in Kenshiro Daniels's chest. It'll take a while for him to be a Brawler again, but in the meanwhile he might have a career as a weapon's rack.
4'7 – 3Some warriors are so bold that they can fight with one arm only. Acelin Gow Pallith is one of them: he cuts off Pow wow's right arm and uses it to beat him until he collapses.
7'7 – 4Smanah's stroke was so powerful that Shamim Bisoprololo swore his head had been detached from his body.

Lineups & Tactics

st to he sp ag al
st to he sp ag al
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# Home Team: Juventude Ferroviaria Race Lvl Base attributes Tactic XP gained For Against
KO Attack Rebound KO Attack Rebound Inj
sttohespagal tot wear Tactic Target Weapon Armour sttohespagal wear sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4 sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4
14Fazli GaneshEvil Mouflons131163119201913600CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises0020000000000000010000000001101110005
16Atanas GeorgievEvil Mouflons128163418212013700CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises0000000000000000100000010000101110008
18Shamim BisoprololoWombats120192828172313500CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises00010000000100002300000000011021200015
19Joey LeonettiEvil Mouflons124203020222013600CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises0001000000000001220000000000000000100
21Kenshiro DanielsEvil Mouflons122193822201914000CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises1000020000010000111000010000104110007
26Julen GuerreroEvil Mouflons228253924242516500CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises0000000000002010131000000000000000000
27Acelin Gow PallithOrcs253242231242017400CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises2001000010001010411000000000000000000
28Creedence Clearwater RevOrcs231242528242415600CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises1003000000000000231000000000000000000
31Little PigEvil Mouflons227243124242415400CrueltyAlertnessPointy spikeyLive tortoises0000000000010000311000000000000000000
# Away Team: Berny from hell Race Lvl Base attributes Tactic XP gained For Against
KO Attack Rebound KO Attack Rebound Inj
sttohespagal tot wear Tactic Target Weapon Armour sttohespagal wear sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4 sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4
18Tiau Nufa AnorDwarflings120242824221813600CrueltyToughnessLucky stickHardened wind0000000000000000000000000100001200000
26Billy The KidDwarflings118262725221313100CrueltyToughnessLucky stickHardened wind01000000000000000000000000101000100011
28Pow wowEvil Mouflons123182619191912400CrueltyToughnessLucky stickInflatable rock0010000001000120111000100000100120001
29Baron GrugOrcs124181922191912100CrueltyToughnessLucky stickInflatable rock0000000000000000200000000010001200000
30Talpo BamanoDwarflings118242218191811900CrueltyToughnessLucky stickLive tortoises0020000000000000110010000100015300000
33SmanahClockwork Otters128373113182315000CrueltyToughnessLucky stickWet notebooks0000000000000110203000000000000000000
34HappyDwarflings119232219211812200CrueltyToughnessLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000000000000000000010001300000
36IllaseraEvil Mouflons124163716191913100CrueltyToughnessLucky stickInflatable rock0020010001000010221000000000008410000
37AbazigalOrcs126201629191612600CrueltyToughnessLucky stickHardened wind0000000000000000000000000100000010000

Spectators & Earnings

Some really excited supporters at a match
Race Juventude Ferroviaria Berny from hell
Occasional Supporters Total Occasional Supporters Total
Goblins 7 38 45 6 0 6
Orcs 14 42 56 11 65 76
Evil Mouflons 27 126 153 22 68 90
Dwarflings 12 37 49 10 75 85
Macaquiños 3 0 3 2 0 2
Cthulings 3 18 21 2 0 2
Wombats 4 75 79 4 0 4
Butterceros 3 0 3 3 0 3
Clockwork Otters 8 10 18 7 39 46
TOTAL 81 346 427 67 247 314
Juventude Ferroviaria Berny from hell
Tickets 1708 1256
Charity given -256 -188
Charity got 188 256
Net gains 1640 1324