Time Result Event
0'1 – 0El Sorcio was beaten so much on his belly, that now he has a 5-pack. Good work Re Dysonan!
0'2 – 0Etforden Austionsmen strikes so hard with his Lucky stick that Lucky jumps out of his Live tortoises.
0'3 – 0Never stand on Surob Clea Mismarbut's path, they said. But that day Puggy didn't take notes. Too bad, when he'll regain consciousness he'll know.
0'3 – 1Laraus Erngenson is afraid of dragons, and Tionsry Tereve… is a dragon! Oh no, wait, Laraus Erngenson's just hallucinating after being smacked with utter rage by Tionsry Tereve. He takes a couple of steps and then blacks out.
1'3 – 2The power of Tionsry Tereve's Lucky stick is devastating: it somehow shakes Surob Clea Mismarbut's internal organs without even scratching his armour!
1'3 – 3Ofsur Rede really loves his Lucky stick. But what he loves even more is finishing his opponent with a big fat head butt. Next time Roness'll better use a thicker helmet.
1'4 – 3Berdisel Torbut bought his Live tortoises at a flea market. Bad idea: Etforden Austionsmen's perfect-grade Lucky stick strikes him down mercilessly.
4'5 – 3Etforden Austionsmen performs on El princeps a secret head-exploding technique. The head didn't explode, but the victim was knocked down anyway.
5'5 – 4Tionsry Tereve demonstrates the superiority of his Lucky stick over Opsome Esanan's Inflatable rock. It demonstrates it 16 times. Over 4 seconds. It will take a while to stand up again.
5'6 – 4Ofsur Rede bought his Live tortoises at a flea market. Bad idea: Opanad's perfect-grade Lucky stick strikes him down mercilessly.
6'6 – 5"You hit me in the chest?!?!" screamed Etforden Austionsmen. "Yes" replied Aramis quietly. "Uh, ok!" said Etforden Austionsmen, while faiting.
7'7 – 5Call a doctor! Mary Choppins's Lucky stick is stuck in Tionsry Tereve's chest. It'll take a while for him to be a Brawler again, but in the meanwhile he might have a career as a weapon's rack.

Lineups & Tactics

st to he sp ag al
st to he sp ag al
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# Home Team: Loud Whiners Race Lvl Base attributes Tactic XP gained For Against
KO Attack Rebound KO Attack Rebound Inj
sttohespagal tot wear Tactic Target Weapon Armour sttohespagal wear sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4 sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4
1OpanadEvil Mouflons01410161113137700CrueltySumLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000000101130000000000000000010
2Opsome EsananCthulings01014131313157800CrueltySumLucky stickInflatable rock00000000000000000400000001001023100014
3RonessWombats01313111510157700CrueltySumLucky stickWet notebooks0000000000000000110010000001011120000
4Etforden AustionsmenMacaquiños01310131314157800CrueltySumLucky stickLive tortoises0001000001000200212000010000003210000
5Surob Clea MismarbutButterceros01113101416137700CrueltySumLucky stickInflatable rock00000000010000000100000100001002000012
6Re DysonanEvil Mouflons01410161113137700CrueltySumLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000001003020000000000000002100
7Laraus ErngensonOrcs01613101413117700CrueltySumLucky stickInflatable rock0000000000000000000001000001012400000
13Mary ChoppinsEvil Mouflons126183517201813400CrueltySumLucky stickWet notebooks0000000001000011112000000000000000100
14Pain DeliverooWombats121242031182213600CrueltySumLucky stickWet notebooks0000000000000001410000000000000000100
# Away Team: I fenomeni Race Lvl Base attributes Tactic XP gained For Against
KO Attack Rebound KO Attack Rebound Inj
sttohespagal tot wear Tactic Target Weapon Armour sttohespagal wear sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4 sttohespagal Inj 1 2 3 4 2 3 4
1AramisCthulings01015131311157700CrueltyHealthLucky stickLive tortoises0000000001000000131000000000000000000
2El princepsMacaquiños01310131314157800CrueltyHealthLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000000001110210000001033310105
3Chi areOrcs01513111413117700CrueltyHealthLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000000000311010000000012000000
4El SorcioGoblins01411151314107700CrueltyHealthLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000000000000001000010010210000
5PuggyMacaquiños01110141314157700CrueltyHealthLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000000000010000010000001200000
6Ofsur RedeCthulings01014131311167700CrueltyHealthLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000000100220010000001010300006
7Berdisel TorbutOrcs01514101413117700CrueltyHealthLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000000000110000000001002210001
9Tionsry TereveButterceros01113101515137700CrueltyHealthLucky stickLive tortoises0001000001010120032000010000101110000
14LuckyEvil Mouflons01410161113137700CrueltyHealthLucky stickLive tortoises0000000000000001000000010000000100010

Spectators & Earnings

Some really excited supporters at a match
Race Loud Whiners I fenomeni
Occasional Supporters Total Occasional Supporters Total
Goblins 6 0 6 7 0 7
Orcs 12 0 12 14 0 14
Evil Mouflons 23 0 23 26 0 26
Dwarflings 11 0 11 13 0 13
Macaquiños 2 0 2 3 0 3
Cthulings 2 0 2 3 0 3
Wombats 4 0 4 4 0 4
Butterceros 3 0 3 3 0 3
Clockwork Otters 8 0 8 9 0 9
TOTAL 71 0 71 82 0 82
Loud Whiners I fenomeni
Tickets 284 328
Charity given -43 -49
Charity got 49 43
Net gains 8 8