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Good afternoon, stylish and respectable orks! 🎩🧐

Our shady minstrel has composed a poem about a handful of developments you might be interested in… it was awful! Worst piece of poetry ever! 🤮😭

We have thus promptly shredded both of them (the poem, and the minstrel himself), and we'll update you as usual 👌🏼

Interesting auctions!

There's a secretive squad of finance macaquiños 🙊 that will warn you whenever they find some auction which might be relevant for you.

When they find it, a new alert box will appear in your Home, below the Properties, above the News… 🤩

Right now they only look at professional Brawlers and Eggs, but in future they might also consider listing some level 0 Brawlers with high stats… 🐓

The Feeder!

There have been a couple of changes in the Feeder:

  • there's no longer any limit to how many Teams may a single User sign in the Feeder 😯
  • the original pairing algorithm has been restored 😮

More details on these changes may appear in the devlog… 😏

Glimpses from the Future!

The third issue of the devlog is now out, discussing one of the next features in line to be implemented! 😍

2019‑04‑10 15:53