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Good morning, egg‑shaped monstrosities! 🥚🍳🐾

Our noble orkish programmers are proud to announce the introduction of a great feature that will help newbies and old‑users alike… 😲

Brawler loans! 🤯🤩 Users can now loan to other User's Teams their unused Brawlers, for free or for a price!

How? In order to do that, remove the Brawler from your Team using the "Move" action. Visit the Team you want to loan it to, and you should find a list of your available Brawlers, with a "loan" button 👺

Duration and costs. Every loan will last "until the end of the season". This may be 1 match or 9, it depends on when the loan starts. The owner of the Brawler may also add a cost in SG 🧾
As of now there are no fees, but there might be in future, as for with everything else 😅

Our committed dwarflings have written a new #devlog post about the design of Ork Manager! Here they will explain the Diamond‑shaped 💎 structure of our Conferences: in case you are wondering what is it, how does it work, and you like badly‑drawn beautiful diagrams, go and have a read! 📜

Bonus: here's an LG code for the first one who manages to redeem it! 3878-2710-2062

2019‑04‑20 11:29