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Good morning, moustached spirits! 🦝 (unrelated emoji)

There are only two rounds left in the third edition of the Screaming Saltire, so it's time for some forecasts! 🧮

In two Teams are fighting for the first place 🏆:

  • Cthulhiner Swing Orchestra leads with 13 points, but will face two dangerous adversaries: first O'Brawlers, then Angry Kilts 😱
  • Flying sickles are close behind with 12 points, but they are pretty much guaranteed to win their first match against an idler, and their second one will be against Cinghiali Paffuti, which have had an unlucky year 😅

At least whoever is going to lose is at least quite sure to get to the second place 🥈

Just a tad lower, there are three Teams fighting for the third place! 🥉

  • The Angry Kilts are leading with 9 points, closely followed by both Fantabosco and O'Brawlers with 8.
  • At round 8 Fantabosco will have an easy win against an idler, and then at round 9 there will be a direct confrontation with the O'Brawlers!
  • Meanwhile the O'Brawlers will have met Cthulhiner Swing Orchestra in round 8, while the Angry Kilts were fighting against Cinghiali Paffuti. Finally, the Angry Kilts will have to play against Cthulhiner Swing Orchestra too.

Both of these scrambles are quite unpredictable, and all of the involved Teams have serious chances of meeting that goal 🏵

Cinghiali Paffuti might wish to try to reverse their unlucky streak: despite they aren't risking a real relegation (since there are two idle Teams), they'll certainly try their best to improve their standing anyway 🔪

Peli Patetici and Atletico Tomèdra are pretty much safe.

In IIα Deportivo Orchesco is barely leading with 12 points and 51 KOs, over BitJockey's 2nd Team Dilettanti Allo SParagli which has 12 points and 50 KOs ⏫

Deportivo Orchesco, which is the only primary Team in the whole League, is going to face Dilettanti Allo SParagli themselves on round 8, and Hungry Sporrans (7th with 6 points) on round 9.

Here's the full list of relevant Matches… round 8️⃣:

  • My Little Brawlers (4th, 9 points) – Flamin Garters (8th, 5 points)
  • Deportivo OrchescoDilettanti Allo SParagli
  • Cinghiati Pelosi (3rd, 10 points) – Lard Bards (6th, 6 points)

Round 9️⃣:

  • Flamin Garters – Cinghiati Pelosi
  • Hungry Sporrans – Deportivo Orchesco
  • Dilettanti Allo SParagliMy Little Brawlers

Trivia: there's currently a single 1st Team in IIα, a single 3rd Team (Flamin Garters), and all of the others are 2nd Teams.

In the F., the five active Teams are reasonably close to each other:

  • two 3rd Teams are leading with 10 and 8 points, both with 39 KOs
  • Juventude Ferroviaria is just a step below with 8 points and 38 KOs
  • The Warriors and Berny from hell instead have 6 points and respectively 31 and 28 KOs

Considering that all three of these primary Teams started the season with no or very few professional Brawlers, we'd say they managed to do pretty well! 🎉👌🏼

However, being promoted from the Feeder might prove to be a pyrrhic victory: currently there are only 22 active Teams playing, which means that IIα might be dissolved into a large Feeder for Season 4 🤦🏼‍♂️

I also have at least a couple of juicy announcements to give you, but since this message is already too long, I guess they'll have to wait a bit… 🤨

May your lucky sticks never expire! 🍍

2019‑05‑10 12:17