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Good afternoon, clockwork Warlords! ⚙️⚔️

There are a few tidbits of announcements to make…

  • Issue#6 of the devlog is out, talking about the overpopulation: what is it, why it is a problem, and what are we going to do about it;
  • Earlier, on Issue#5, we explained how the dual‑Conference structure works instead;
  • There's a new table layout available for testing! 🤩🗒 It's still provisional (again), but should be much better than the one we currently have… the first Users who will ask to our flamboyant Goblin squad will be granted access to test it! ⚗️

Meanwhile, round 8 has been played, and only round 9 is left before season 3 is concluded!

In Cthulhiner Swing Orchestra (15) and Flying sickles (14) are fighting for the trophy 🏆, while Angry Kilts (11) and Fantabosco (10) are competing for the third place 🥉

The relevant matches are:

  • Flying sicklesCinghiali Paffuti
  • FantaboscoO'Brawlers
  • Angry KiltsCthulhiner Swing Orchestra

In IIα Miroslav's Deportivo Orchesco (14) has been finally promoted, while Dilettanti Allo SParagli (12, BitJockey 2nd) and My Little Brawlers (11, mb 2nd) are facing each other trying to reach the second place and also be promoted to .

In the F., Los Panchinaros (12, tankboy 3rd) already got the first promotion, while Juventude Ferroviaria (10, CAbRaLzinhO Auge 1st) is tailed by WolverhamptonWombatsClub (9, Miroslav 3rd) to earn the second promotion slot.

Remember that these promotion slots are theoretical, as there might not be a IIα at all in Season 4.

Juventude is facing The Warriors (SheriffOfNottm, 1st), while Wolverhampton is having it easy against an idler.

Have fun cleaning your weapons from your opponents' blood, and see you in Season 4! 🧽🗡

Remember there will be 1 resting week after the last match, after which the new Leagues will be assembled.

That will be a great time to loan some Brawlers! 😏

2019‑05‑13 17:01