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Good afternoon, shady macaquiños! 🙊

You may notice there is now an in‑game Guide, which you can find in the menu bar, at the top of the page. For now it's just a simple introduction to this game, especially aimed at the newer Users, but any of you might be able find something useful…

Somewhere in the future, it will be upgraded with more advanced explanations… 🐚

We have a lot of Free trial Teams right now in the Feeder! 🌱 From now on, Trial Teams might turn pro at any time, not only between one season and the next one.

Turning Pro is slightly more expensive than signing‑in a new Team altogether, because it's more convenient to do so. More on this on a later devlog post, don't miss it! 👀

(keep in mind that nothing prevents you from doing just that, and signing in a new Team, while also keeping your Free trial one… 💡)

Speaking of the devlog, there are two new posts which might interest you:

  • The promotion & relegation problem talks about, well, promotions and relegations. Namely, how did we decide how many for each League, and how and why has this evolved over time ⏬⏺⏫
  • Team activity and ranking explains why, and especially how, every Team has an activity value, and what's its impact on the ranking and on the rest of the game 〽️

Finally, you should have received only one "season started" email, instead of one for every Team, as it happened before.

Remember to follow and share us on the socials (linked in Home), and feel free to use or GIVE TO YOUR FRIENDS 💚 this code 0924‑7139‑2035, which expires in about a week 💸

May the coconuts ever be on your opponent's head! 🥥

2019‑08‑07 16:14