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Good evening, self‑conscious contraptions! 🔩⚙️⛓

Season 5 is halfway through, and cool and terrible things are happening! 😳

The weirdest: in during round 4, Miroslav's Team#3 Goblin State Warriors has accidentally beaten his primary Team Deportivo Orchesco 🥉, jumping to the top of the table! 😵 Then they lost in round 5, and for the first time in the history of the Screaming Saltire a single User has two Teams in the top 3! We'll see if they both manage to hold until the end…

The scariest: so far, 5 Teams have been competing in since Season 1… 2 of those Teams, are now at the bottom of the table, on the verge of relegation! 😧 We wish best of luck to both of them, but we also wish luck to those who are trying to finally reach the top 3 and earn a medal 🤗

The slowest: the 3 primary Teams in IIα are struggling against more experienced secondary Teams, and the match between The Warriors and Juventude Ferroviaria just ended in a draw… 😱 but fear not! Season 6 will very likely feature the introduction of IIβ, so that we'll have a much more balanced II division, with Teams from both the current IIα and the top 10 from the Feeder 🤩

(The quickest) Thus in the Feeder, sporting a total of 46 Teams, there is going to be a very bloody fight to reach one of those spots and thus earn a promotion! This, assuming we'll still have enough active Pro Teams at the end of the season, but so far it seems likely… 😊

There's a new devlog post, regarding the future of the Markets 📈, have a look if you are curious, or if you want to be prepared…

Finally, here's a code for you 4976‑4264‑5346 expiring in about a week… 😏

2019‑09‑09 18:33