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Good afternoon, warm orcs! ⛱

Round 7 is about to be fought, and there are a few quite important matches!

In Alderico's Fantabosco (2) will try their best to beat Miroslav's#2 WolverhamptonWombatsClub (3): by doing so, they would overcome them, reaching rank 8, a slighly safer place to be…

Meanwhile Miroslav's#1 Deportivo Orchesco (8) are sharpening their weapons (yes, even the blunt ones) for their match against Lohoris' Angry Kilts (11), who are currently leading. Deportivo needs this victory if they want to win the Screaming Saltire! 🏆

In IIα Hungry Sporrans (8) and Atletico Tomèdra (8) will fight for the third place, although it's unlikely either of them will manage to earn a promotion 😅

Meanwhile we are eager to witness the results of the match between two of the Primary Teams of this League: Juventude Ferroviaria (1) vs. Berny from hell (5)! The latter, during round 6, managed to draw against Dilettanti Allo SParagli, reaching a much safer 7th position 👏

Finally in the F. the massive rumble is going on, with a total of 67 Teams taking part so far. The first 10 Pro Teams among them will likely earn a promotion to II division!

What if an active Trial Team reaches the top 10? Well, something nice might happen to them… 😏

The most interesting matches this round are:

We wish for every Brawler a smile on their face, and a heavy object against their opponent's! 😁🛢

2019‑09‑20 17:47