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Greetings, oddly-shaped monsters! 🦑
Recently a few users told us some of their precious emails ended up in the spam folder… 🥶
So our secretive and proud teams of macaquiños set up two brilliant counter-measures:
• the emails of all of your Teams will be condensed in a single one 😎
• there's a couple of unsubscribe links at the bottom of every email 😨

This should improve the chances you actually get the emails.

Obviously if you don't want to receive them any more do **not** mark them as spam, and unsubscribe instead. And if they end up in the spam folder anyway, mark them as clean before deleting them.

Thank you for your cooperation, and may the knucklecleavers hit you were you are protected! 😵

2019‑01‑18 16:12