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Good morning, plushy mouflons! 🐏

Season 6 has just started, we've got 2 Leagues in Division II now, and they are going to be rough!

Here's some tips for the newly promoted Teams: this is gonna hurt. And it's going to be awesome!

  • Some Teams are very strong, others will be beatable, don't give up, you're tough! 💪
  • If you run out of Brawlers, remember you can create as many as you want! Just sell or move or dismiss some of them, to make room for the new ones 👋
  • Have a look at the Auctions, many level 1 are quite affordable! 🛎
  • It takes 40 supporters of the same race to create a level 1 Brawler with an ivory ritual, have a look at the Map, eventually you'll have them… or you already do? 😏
  • Some of you may have incoming loan requests: while the loaned Brawler will stay with you only one season, it might be profitable to get it! 😎
  • Keep your tactics simple: I suggest having no more than two different tactics each match, and I also suggest to avoid marking (it's too difficult) 👌

Here's a code to make everything sweeter 6135‑7161‑5059 🍇

A few quick highlights about Season 5…


  • Cthulhiner beat Deportivo in the last round, thus gaining the third place 🥉 this has oddly caused Miroslav's Deportivo to rank lower than Goblin State Warriors, formerly his third Team! With Wolverhampton relegated to II Division, we'll see how his two Teams in I will perform in the new Season…
  • Alderico's Fantabosco earned 5 points in the last 3 matches, getting back to rank#7! Will they manage to get back in the top 3 this time?
  • dreadnaut's Peli Patetici was relegated to II, but at the same time his Lard Bards were promoted! It was about time got some music! 🎻


  • mb's My Little Brawlers won all 9 matches, and more importantly… every single Team had 100% Activity! Whooooooh! 💚💚💚💚
  • Berny from hell earned 7th place with 5 points, while the two other primary Teams didn't manage do avoid the relegation…
  • …but there was no real relegation after all, since a new League in the same Division was formed!

The Feeder:

  • An epic battle between Steamboat Mariners and The pythosphorys had the latter overcome the former and win the League at the last match! (they fought each other 3 times in a row!)
  • A new entry, I bravi ragazzi, earned the third place! Well played!
  • Other Teams who managed to reach the top 10, out of a whopping 67 Teams, are Borking Dorks (6th, 12 points), Pyrantian Pugilists (8th, 11 points), Gnoll for nothing (9th, 10 points), and colinbun's Clueless Imbeciles which managed to reach the 10th place (with 10 points) despite they entered the League two matches later!
  • As mentioned, a new League has been formed, so the first 10 Pro Teams have been promoted to division II
  • A few Teams (who started in the second half of the Season) managed to win all of their matches! Helicotter (4), Ullapool and Tim (3), i Burroceronti (2)

So… this message has been long enough, merry pointy spikes to all of your Brawlers and their families 💚🤗

2019‑10‑11 12:29