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Good evening, spooky wombats! 🦊

The night of the scary stuff is here, and what fits better than a Dark Ritual? 🎃 You'll be glad to know it now has a dynamic price! It decreases by a tiny amount every day, but every time anyone performs it, it increases slightly! 😱

This change has been introduced to bring the prices of the rituals to reasonable values: if the price of a level 1 or level 3 ritual is considered too high, nobody does it… this will now mean that it will decrease slightly until finally someone decides the price is fair 👌 more details in a future devlog (but feel free to ask) 🧐

After the introduction of the radargraphs displaying the Team's attributes, now we have another terribly nice feature: the Brawler pages! 😎

It is now possible to click on Brawler's names and see their personal pages, with a complete history of the seasons they played, how they performed, when they were sold or loaned and for what amount… and who are their siblings! Yes, because now some Brawlers have siblings! 😍 (this has no effect on gameplay, it's just cosmetic for now)

There's also a couple of small news concerning the Conference structure:

1 • The way activity is calculated has changed from Season 6: now missing the lineup gives you 2 inactivity points, missing the tactics gives you 3, and missing both gives you 6. Earlier it was respectively 1, 3, and 4. 😪

This means that missing both on a single match is now considered worse than missing one in one match and one in another match. Also, there is less imbalance between lineups and tactics 🤸‍♀️

2 • We have introduced the terms "uprank" and "downrank", which are more accurate than "promotion" and "relegation". This is strictly related to how the ranking system works, and I won't go into details here… just keep in mind that a "minor uprank" doesn't necessarily mean you get promoted, and same goes for the "minor downrank" 🤓

Finally, it is now possible to read the old news from Ork Manager's site itself, which might be nice if you are curious about how this game evolved over the months… 📝

Here's a quick code which won't turn you into a pumpkin! 8681‑0937‑8210

2019‑10‑31 22:26