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Good evening, running spirits! 💫

There would be many interesting things to say, but one trumps them all: Ork Manager is on Kickstarter!!! 😯😱🤩

This campaign will allow us to implement many extra features, and to gather a new swarm of users, to bring more life to the streets of Coalington and nearby towns! 👞

Needless to say, the High Council of the Apelings counts on your vital support, to finally turn this awesome contraption from a prototype to a fully fledged war machine. Does this make sense? I'm not sure… do you know what I'm sure about? AWESOME REWARDS! 😍🎩⚔️

Yes, there are incredible rewards, only available during the crowdfunding, so, be sure to get them!

An important detail regarding the season tickets:

  • anyone who backs £13 or more, will get to keep playing as Pro for free for the whole duration of the beta, and will also get several tickets to keep playing once the game is released;
  • the larger the reward, the more tickets you will get (in addition to any other thing included);
  • it will be cheaper to get a reward, than to just buy dirty gold and pay the Conference fee with those instead;
  • once the crowdfunding is completed, the alpha badges will be activated only once more for season 7, and after that they will stop granting alpha tickets (that is, anyone who is currently playing Pro for free, won't be able to keep doing so after a little while);

So, be sure not to miss this! 😄

2019‑11‑15 17:17