Orkish News
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Cheerful New Year, gooey monsters!

The Goblin technicians have managed to deliver a handful of new features to the people of Coalington!

  • Notifications: you'll now get notifications about some events, directly in the home page.
  • Mining companies: it's a draft, for a hopefully upcoming big feature "Weapons & Armours". For now you can create a mining company which will automatically send you a few resources, daily. Keep in mind that those resources are useless now, but they will become useful when (and if!!) the rest will be implemented.
  • Easy market: the "easy market" has been completely revamped, so that now trading a currency for another one is as simple as clicking a single button! Still, buyers beware…
  • Upgrade Team slots: the amount of available Brawler slots in a Team can be upgraded now!

We'll keep you updated with any further news…

Finally, here's a multi-code for you! 5895‑6092‑0344

Good night, and good fight! (or something like that…)

2021‑01‑11 17:38