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Good night, awesome beings! 🦖

The steaming forges are burning, the shady laboratories are bubbling, and the tricky financial markets are doing whatever tricky financial markets are used to do 🐡

Ork Manager: C&T version 3.0 is finally out! 💫

This update brings to you all:

  • Custom Weapons and Armours! Set up a mining company, and design and forge your items as you like – unleash your creativity by setting their values, names, and descriptions! 🦃
  • Your Teams will likely be able to steamroll their opponents if properly equipped! 🦟
  • Trade Resources on the Market – that's quite important in order to get the right ones for your weapons and armours… 🌴

In order to properly celebrate this event, here's a code with very very juicy content… 🐲 3075‑2579‑5508

Keep in mind that the existing base weapons and armours have all been nerfed, so you'll really want to design your own as soon as you can 🌛

2021‑02‑05 22:43