Orkish News
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Good night, shady humanoids! 🎃

Season 12 is almost over, and there are 4 teams fighting for 3 medals! 🦜

And the fight against the relegation is also fierce, with 4 teams with 6 points each! 🌾

In IIα there is still to assign the second and the 9th place, so keep an eye on that too 👀

The Feeder with its 18 Teams is the largest one in more than 1 year! If about 3 more Teams will sign in time, we might witness again a new League being assembled! IIβ has been missing since Season 8… 🧶

Hoping all of you Master Brawlers enjoyed the new features recently published (custom Items, Resources, Crests…), the Conference fee will raise to 1750 DG per Team per Season – however the Alpha Tickets are still alive and well, so you still don't have to worry about your primary Team 😁😁

Here's a very precious code, that will expire just before Season 13 starts… 9202‑8499‑3781 💎

2021‑03‑02 00:25