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Good night, horrific beauties! 🧢

After a careful marketing campaign, Coalington's finest sport has spread to 4 more Districts of this marvellous City! 🥽

You'll be able to move your Teams and their supporters to Bowtie Village, Shimmering Marsh, Clockwork Tower, or Bloodbutter Field 🌵

After a dozen days, overpopulation mechanics will kick in: supporters will start moving to smaller Districts, and fewer new supporters will arrive into overpopulated ones 🥢 it might be quite convenient to move your Team before this happens: the Goblin Slums are crowded!

Feel free to ask in any of the public chats for details, and feel free to redeem this code 9466‑5417‑3899 for loot 🥘

2021‑03‑22 20:51