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Merriful evening, succulent brawler masters! 🌵

Season 13 finale has brought some amazing results! 🔋

Flying sickles won the trophy after 12 seasons, or 28 months, and now they are Team#2 in the Hall of Fame! 🕉

For the first time Cinghiali Paffuti earned a medal, with their third place! 🥉

With the promotion of Lard Bards and Loud Whiners, for the first time we'll have a composed entirely of main teams! 🎽

Vandelay Industries earned their promotion to division II, and are ready to rock! ⛽

IIβ is preserved, but it's quite unlikely IIIα will be introduced this season (we'd need 6-9 more Teams for that to happen) 😅

Here's a few ticket pieces! 0083‑2493‑0163

2021‑05‑15 20:11