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Charming night, remarkable otters! 🔮

Season 14 is underway, our translucent Macaquiños are working behind the scenes on a secret and sacred and frankly rather violent project… 🍴

Meanwhile a small team of Dwarfling has been examining the Screaming Saltire, which for the good of all of us from the next season will feature a single League in Division II.

This change is intended to be temporary 😏 its effects will be examined, and we'll then decide what to do among these 3 options:

  • rever it
  • make it permanent
  • make it somehow automatic

How will this work in practice? 🤨

Ranks 11 to 20 will form IIα in Season 15, that is:

  • two relegated Teams from
  • Teams ranked 2 to 5 in IIα and IIβ

Ranks 21 to 30 will go to III division, that is:

  • Teams ranked 6 to 9 in IIα and IIβ
  • two promoted Teams from F.

In case we'll have enough Pro Teams, a IIIβ will be formed too 💚

Feel free to discuss and ask questions about this in the public Telegram and Discord groups! Please do so in public instead of asking me directly, so that everyone can read the answers 🧐

Anyway, if you've read until this, you definitely deserve a little code…

2021‑06‑19 22:52