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Frosty night, fireproof butterceros! 🧈

While Season 14 is coming to a close, a huge update has landed on Coalington during this scorching summer! ☄️

We have now Squatters & Revolts!!! In Ork Manager: C&T 4.0 you'll be able to recruit retired brawlers as **Leaders of Squatter Bands**, and send them to **conquer the Arenas** and claim them as yours! 🛀🏽

What do you do when you have an Arena? Well, nothing! It's just for the glory, for now. Soon however you'll start receiving a cut of every match that is played there. Less soon you'll eventually be able to run for Mayor and who knows what else… 🦝

A shady cabal of Macaquiños has made sure to make this system as complicated as possible 🥟 but if you promise not to tell them, I'll be available to explain things on public chats on Telegram and Discord 😁

1560‑9268‑2726 you know the drill

2021‑07‑21 21:58