Angry Kilts

They may look angry, but it's just a deceiving tartan pattern.

If you look at it with your eyes crossed, you will see a 3D smiling thistle.

Please do this during a match ^__^
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Details & Matches

District Goblin Slums
City Coalington
Conference, rank Screaming Saltire, #13
League IIα
Brawler slots 4 / 16
Conference League
Season Ended C.R. D. L. L.R. Result
season 62019‑12‑1313⇣12Iα9 Relegated
season 52019‑10‑041⇡1Iα1🏆 Champion
season 42019‑07‑262⇡1Iα2🥈 Runnerup
season 32019‑05‑173⇣2Iα3🥉 Runnerup
season 22019‑03‑081⇡4Iα1🏆 Champion
season 12018‑12‑215⇡2Iα5 Safe
season 02018‑10‑127F.7 Safe
Previous matches
season 7, IIα 2020-01-24 + Angry Kilts 9 – 2 Gnoll for nothing 2'761
season 7, IIα 2020-01-17 + Berny from hell 3 – 7 Angry Kilts 2'802
season 7, IIα 2020-01-10 + Angry Kilts 7 – 2 Dilettanti Allo SParagli 2'746
season 6, Iα 2019-12-13 - O'Brawlers 6 – 5 Angry Kilts 2'653
season 6, Iα 2019-12-06 - Cthulhiner Swing Orchestra 6 – 5 Angry Kilts 2'686
Violent Wins Unbeaten Immortal
Next match
Lineup, 2020-01-28 14:00
season 7, IIα Angry Kilts Obscura's Minions
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# Name Race Lvl Attributes 🤕 Stats
st to he sp ag al Sum pl kf kfp ka kap f/a
35 Skullen Kink Clockwork Otters13524331620261548538330.87170.451.94
36 Racon Boll Evil Mouflons13013492623301715745340.76190.421.79
37 Brottish Sketchfast Clockwork Otters16132391823372104249541.10140.293.86
42 Bulled Bork Dwarflings14238382126141794945320.71140.312.29
56 S'manah Evil Mouflons13513441822231555230190.63120.401.58
62 Sosil Bamato Toup Clockwork Otters13540321518201604423180.78130.571.38
67 Budincaurgh Estle Evil Mouflons25716532928322154239280.72180.461.56
68 Dynarth Aemic Evil Mouflons25317482928282033231240.77140.451.71
70 Giristrake Clockwork Otters23833302322251712714100.7170.501.43
72 Borth Nerwick Clockwork Otters13733241621231545827180.67160.591.13
73 Smanah Clockwork Otters12937321321241563536210.58200.561.05
74 Së Totumbrine Clockwork Otters232324216232617131050.5050.501.00
st to he sp ag al
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