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District Goblin Slums
City Coalington
Conference, rank Not signed
Brawler slots 4 / 16
This Team hasn't played yet…
No match is scheduled.


# Name Race Lvl Attributes 🤕 Stats
st to he sp ag al Sum pl kf kfp ka kap f/a
1 Ingpersurbe Pro Clockwork Otters01415131011147700
2 Ture Beings Rabesublo Dwarflings01415141113107700
3 Moings Ters Goblins01313151314107800
4 Nalsometro Mainesoppro M Orcs01513101413137800
5 Ageers Ingso Orcs01513101513117700
6 Wardpiout Verlyset Evil Mouflons01410151313137800
7 Supcaling Edta Goblins01311151314117700
8 Ningen Moposterad Terful Cthulings01014141311157700
9 Evetal Evil Mouflons01410151113147700
10 Obments Manrec Wombats01313111511147700
11 Tionsaim Clockwork Otters01416131011137700
12 Dymag Itin Evil Mouflons01510151113137700


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