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District Goblin Slums
City Coalington
Conference, rank Screaming Saltire, #26
League F.
Brawler slots 0 / 16
Conference League
Season Ended C.R. D. L. L.R. Result
season 92020‑07‑2426F.9 Safe
Previous matches
season 9, F. 2020-07-24 + Team Rehab 7 – 0 Salanio L T 505
season 9, F. 2020-07-17 + Chloes L T 0 – 7 Team Rehab 318
Violent Wins Unbeaten Immortal
Next match
Tactics, 2020-08-07 18:00
season 10, F. Team Rehab Old Boys
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# Name Race Lvl Attributes 🤕 Stats
st to he sp ag al Sum pl kf kfp ka kap f/a
1 Negroni Cthulings0101414131315790122.0000.00
2 Ginza Mary Clockwork Otters0141514101313790100.0000.00
3 Moleced Encar Preconageo Goblins0151224151811952816100.6380.501.25
4 Nypro Parlaties Orcs019131117191291121690.5670.441.29
5 Tedly Butterceros012171015201488291290.7570.581.29
6 Tripercotri Cuvigetvi Te Cthulings01114151513208821470.5040.291.75
8 Long Island Iced Tea Cthulings01014171314178501080.8030.302.67
9 John Collins Wombats01313181710148523840.5040.501.00
10 Comket Dwarflings0141518111510830640.6720.332.00
11 Esladen Derture Evil Mouflons0141016111314786400.0020.500.00
12 Margarita Clockwork Otters0141513101313780122.0000.00
13 Old Fashioned Macaquiños0131014131415790100.0000.00
14 Black Russian Dwarflings0131515151310810111.0000.00
15 Vodka Martini Butterceros0131311141613800100.0000.00
16 Gin Fizz Clockwork Otters01516221016139201690.5660.381.50
17 Cov Clockwork Otters017162011131693262080.40140.700.57
st to he sp ag al
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