A Giant Cake 👾

"You know when you show up at the Arena, and instead of Brawlers facing you there's a giant cake? Like, literally a giant cake?"
"Uh… no. But, I mean, couldn't you just… eat it?"
"That's what we did. Somehow we lost."
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Details & Matches

District Bowtie Village
City Coalington
Conference, rank Screaming Saltire, In
League F.
Brawler slots 4 / 16
Previous matches
season 13, F. 2021-04-16 + The pythosphorys T 1 – 6 A Giant Cake 👾 586
Violent Wins Unbeaten Immortal
Next match
Tactics, 2021-04-23 18:00
season 13, F. A Giant Cake 👾 T Andesite Burrowers 👾 T
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# Name Race Lvl Attributes 🤕 Stats
st to he sp ag al Sum pl kf kfp ka kap f/a
1 Conmooing Ketpoli Orcs0151411141311780111.0000.00
2 Temcaup Verble Penit Evil Mouflons01410161113137712111.0011.001.00🤕 2021-04-28
3 Penel Dwarflings0131515131310790100.0000.00
4 Lowatedter Surcalan Macaquiños0111014141615800100.0000.00
5 Adcitmer Landmis Cthulings0101513131116780111.0000.00
6 Oc Benyedted Sionsur Wombats0151311151114790122.0000.00
7 Liman Meninggen Turemer Butterceros0111411141514790100.0000.00
8 Compa Minbutmo Clockwork Otters0141516101113790100.0000.00
9 Nesspo Evedayra Goblins0131115141410770111.0000.00
10 Arection Penpar Orcs0151310141411770000
11 Butmarenceta Evil Mouflons01410151113147700
12 Colba La Aptic Dwarflings01415141113107700
st to he sp ag al
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