Unassuming Gerbils

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District Shimmering Marsh
City Coalington
Conference, rank Screaming Saltire, In
League F.
Brawler slots 4 / 16
Previous matches
season 20, F. 2022-08-12 - Casaregis FightBrawlClub 9 – 3 Unassuming Gerbils 463
Violent Wins Unbeaten Immortal
Next match
Tactics, 2022-08-19 18:00
season 20, F. Bye


# Name Race Lvl Attributes 🤕 Stats
st to he sp ag al Sum pl kf kfp ka kap f/a
1 Chalkford Orcs019171319141496161360.4690.690.67
2 Modnar Evil Mouflons016102215161493501140.3680.730.50
3 Giombato Wombats013131620101991181840.2270.390.57
4 Rǝʇlǝʞs Rǝʇlǝk Evil Mouflons01411231115169001360.4650.381.20
5 Tive Posverlow Wombats01614132210159001440.2950.360.80
6 Balblue Orcs015151120151490241260.5070.580.86
7 Lectorcamo Rispetto Butterceros011151318171791341530.2090.600.33🤕 2022-08-18
8 Toast chimico Evil Mouflons016101916131589211020.2070.700.29🤕 2022-08-21
9 O'Flone Evil Mouflons017111614191390131490.6470.501.29🤕 2022-08-19
10 Merchantstones Orcs01514121916118781120.1870.640.29
11 Doors crasher Evil Mouflons015102013131687111460.4370.500.86
12 Opanad Evil Mouflons01410211115168720940.4470.780.57
st to he sp ag al
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