Goblin State Warriors

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Details & Matches

District Bowtie Village
City Coalington
Conference, rank Screaming Saltire, Idled
Brawler slots 7 / 17
Conference League
Season Ended C.R. D. L. L.R. Result
season 192022‑07‑29xxIα10💤 Idler
season 182022‑05‑205⇡5Iα5 Safe
season 172022‑03‑1110⇡2IIα2 Promoted
season 162021‑12‑1012⇣2Iα10 Relegated
season 152021‑10‑0110⇡2IIα2 Promoted
season 142021‑07‑2312⇡2IIα2🔼 Minor uprank
season 132021‑05‑1414⇣7Iα10 Relegated
season 122021‑03‑057⇣4Iα7 Safe
season 112020‑12‑113⇡1Iα3🥉 Runnerup
season 102020‑10‑024⇡3Iα4 Safe
season 92020‑07‑247⇡2Iα7 Safe
season 82020‑05‑159⇡4IIβ1 Promoted
season 72020‑03‑0613⇣5Iα9 Relegated
season 62019‑12‑138⇣3Iα8 Safe
season 52019‑10‑045⇡5Iα5 Safe
season 42019‑07‑2610⇡4IIα2 Promoted
season 32019‑05‑1714⇡6IIα6 Safe
season 22019‑03‑0820F.4 Safe
Previous matches
season 19, Iα 2022-07-29 - Lard Bards 4 – 0 Goblin State Warriors L T 0
season 19, Iα 2022-07-22 Berny from hell 2 – 2 Goblin State Warriors L T 0
season 19, Iα 2022-07-15 - Deportivo Orchesco L T 4 – 0 Goblin State Warriors L T 0
season 19, Iα 2022-07-08 - Goblin State Warriors L T 0 – 9 Angry Kilts 0
season 19, Iα 2022-07-01 - Goblin State Warriors L T 1 – 7 O'Brawlers 0
Violent Wins Unbeaten Immortal
No match is scheduled.


# Name Race Lvl Attributes 🤕 Stats
st to he sp ag al Sum pl kf kfp ka kap f/a
60 Grandine Nera II Cthulings21742763022422298683550.66310.371.77
65 Viekang Evil Mouflons265186724274124210582450.55340.411.32
66 Ago e filo Evil Mouflons231345221303220011754280.52280.521.00
68 Neeshka Evil Mouflons2293451202834196593570.20270.770.26
70 Il Cardinale Mazzarino Clockwork Otters240544326223522010564270.42320.500.84
71 Alorgoth Orcs254412350322322315364410.64340.531.21
73 Luci a S Siro Clockwork Otters23444383424342085467280.42290.430.97
75 Montagna di luce Clockwork Otters2274138162431177541830.17140.780.21
77 Smoking Bianco II Evil Mouflons22817552225311783428190.68130.461.46
79 Sharwyn Wombats227342538283418611035150.43170.490.88


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