Lard Bards
Originally a folk band, they held concerts at the local butcher's. Spending so much time around knives and blood, however, suggested a career change.
Turns out they are just as violent as they are tone-deaf.

Details & Matches

District Goblin Slums
City Coalington
Conference, rank Screaming Saltire, #16
League IIα
Brawler slots 0 / 16
Previous matches
season 3, IIα 2019-04-19 - Lard Bards 4 – 7 Dilettanti Allo SParagli
season 3, IIα 2019-04-12 + Lard Bards 6 – 5 Deportivo Orchesco
season 3, IIα 2019-04-05 + Lard Bards 7 – 3 Flamin Garters
season 3, IIα 2019-03-29 - Goblin State Warriors 6 – 5 Lard Bards
season 3, IIα 2019-03-22 - My Little Brawlers 5 – 4 Lard Bards
Violent Wins Unbeaten Immortal
Next match
Lineup, 2019-04-23 14:00
season 3, IIα Lard Bards L Gli Amici del Fantabosco L
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# Name Race Lvl Attributes Inj Stats
st to he sp ag al Sum pl kf kfp ka kap f/a
1Suica OdenEvil Mouflons018102112141994231280.6760.501.33
2Battista AfferibileEvil Mouflons0161119151718962513110.8560.461.83
3Polsino FamenestoGoblins017121813161288111270.5880.670.88
4Ingingu AsbestoClockwork Otters016151611131485331150.4550.451.00
15Bishop StortfordDwarvlings1202325202322133211380.6260.461.33🏥 2019-05-03
16Paco JalapenoEvil Mouflons12513292127191342310111.1040.402.75
17Julenza TramaglinaDwarvlings1212627231916132291160.5550.451.20🏥 2019-05-04
18Griefest Hits IIGoblins1221633242321139181470.5040.291.75🏥 2019-05-07
20Pain DeliverooWombats1192416271822126281060.6040.401.50🏥 2019-04-21
21Penuria MagalliOrcs12518232222181281511141.2760.552.33
23Red Riding GodzillaClockwork Otters121242117241912613510.2040.800.25
25Mary ChoppinsEvil Mouflons1241830171818125171080.8010.108.00
26The Mace FairyEvil Mouflons2282533272725165221060.6040.401.50🏥 2019-04-26
27King FracturEvil Mouflons23024482327301821212131.0840.333.25
28Princess AbscessEvil Mouflons228243527242416281070.7030.302.33
29Tim HammerEvil Mouflons23124352524241631881.0020.254.00


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