Berny from hell

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District Goblin Slums
City Coalington
Conference, rank Screaming Saltire, #17
League IIβ
Brawler slots 3 / 16
Conference League
Season Ended C.R. D. L. L.R. Result
season 52019‑10‑0417⇡1IIα7 Safe
season 42019‑07‑2618⇡3IIα8 Safe
season 32019‑05‑1721⇡2F.4 Safe
season 22019‑03‑0823F.8 Safe
Previous matches
season 5, IIα 2019-10-04 - Gli Amici del Fantabosco 6 – 4 Berny from hell 1'436
season 5, IIα 2019-09-27 - Berny from hell 1 – 9 My Little Brawlers 1'346
season 5, IIα 2019-09-20 - Juventude Ferroviaria 7 – 4 Berny from hell 1'324
season 5, IIα 2019-09-13 Dilettanti Allo SParagli 5 – 5 Berny from hell 1'343
season 5, IIα 2019-09-06 - Atletico Tomèdra 9 – 3 Berny from hell 1'325
Violent Wins Unbeaten Immortal
Next match
Lineup, 2019-10-15 14:00
season 6, IIβ Peli Patetici Berny from hell
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# Name Race Lvl Attributes Inj Stats
st to he sp ag al Sum pl kf kfp ka kap f/a
3kiss & Kisses from hellDwarflings0161630131813106372390.39150.650.60
18Tiau Nufa AnorDwarflings1202429242418139162160.29160.760.38🤕 2019-10-15
21Bone eater IIOrcs1241821242021128671490.6490.641.00
22Pusceddu IIEvil Mouflons1241830241920135121980.42100.530.80
26Billy The KidDwarflings1182727252213132361220.1790.750.22
28Pow wowEvil Mouflons123182719191912511050.5060.600.83
29Baron GrugOrcs124181922202012313870.8850.631.40
30Talpo BamanoDwarflings11824251819181221860.7581.000.75
36IllaseraEvil Mouflons1241639162020135282170.33110.520.64
38Lieras RoroButterceros11818182123181160111.0011.001.00
st to he sp ag al
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