Cthulhiner Swing Orchestra

They swing for life.
They live for swing.
They crack your head.
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Details & Matches

District Goblin Slums
City Coalington
Conference, rank Screaming Saltire, #3
League Iα
Brawler slots 0 / 16
Conference League
Season Ended C.R. D. L. L.R. Result
season 52019‑10‑043⇡2Iα3🥉 Runnerup
season 42019‑07‑265⇣4Iα5 Safe
season 32019‑05‑171⇡2Iα1🏆 Champion
season 22019‑03‑083⇡6Iα3🥉 Runnerup
season 12018‑12‑219⇡6F.1 Promoted
season 02018‑10‑1215F.15 Safe
Previous matches
season 5, Iα 2019-10-04 + Deportivo Orchesco 4 – 7 Cthulhiner Swing Orchestra 2'446
season 5, Iα 2019-09-27 + WolverhamptonWombatsClub 3 – 9 Cthulhiner Swing Orchestra 2'190
season 5, Iα 2019-09-20 + Goblin State Warriors 4 – 6 Cthulhiner Swing Orchestra 2'099
season 5, Iα 2019-09-13 + Cthulhiner Swing Orchestra 4 – 3 Fantabosco 2'117
season 5, Iα 2019-09-06 Cthulhiner Swing Orchestra 4 – 4 Peli Patetici 2'131
Violent Wins Unbeaten Immortal
Next match
Lineup, 2019-10-15 14:00
season 6, Iα Goblin State Warriors Cthulhiner Swing Orchestra
Previous matches with next opponent
season 5, Iα 2019-09-20 + Goblin State Warriors 4 – 6 Cthulhiner Swing Orchestra 2'099
Winning stats
Cthulhiner Swing Orchestra won Draw Goblin State Warriors won
1 0 0
Total KOs
Cthulhiner Swing Orchestra KOs Goblin State Warriors KOs
6 4
Played at home
Cthulhiner Swing Orchestra at home Goblin State Warriors at home
0 1


# Name Race Lvl Attributes Inj Stats
st to he sp ag al Sum pl kf kfp ka kap f/a
15Frank PastelEvil Mouflons13014462123301646132321.00160.502.00
20Sandy McSlapnadoDwarflings1232443191920148826220.85110.422.00
26Salama da sugoEvil Mouflons24216422327401903731311.00110.352.82
27Lord Farbert the FartherGoblins12016442425131423519100.53120.630.83
29Trip FondueEvil Mouflons12514551821331662930120.40120.401.00
33Gianclaudio VandammeneEvil Mouflons12713331923291447923150.65150.651.00
37AnveinEvil Mouflons23816402926261754219140.74100.531.40🤕 2019-10-15
38Gunkan Tataki IIEvil Mouflons23625412425251762218140.7850.282.80
39Erasmo da RottenbarnDwarflings2283935302616174022200.9140.185.00
40CaciomufloneEvil Mouflons22924472025261712818100.5660.331.67
41SbrislònaEvil Mouflons22920362626341714613100.7750.382.00
42Chicken ParmesanEvil Mouflons2281653202636179221040.4090.900.44
43Mac and CheeseEvil Mouflons235163721262916438760.8630.432.00
44Trappista TeppistaDwarflings22531422524161632860.7510.136.00
st to he sp ag al
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